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Architectural Copper Design

Chimney cover

Need to add a special touch to your home or historical residence?  Custom chimney covers and ornamental copper guttering add style, beauty and value.


Andy Preske has been creating copper and tin art since he was 6 years old.  He has fabricated copper hoods for upscale kitchens, roofing ornaments--guttering, chimney covers, and custom entry decorations. 
He has also designed custom copper coverings for religious statuary.
Copper adds old world class to historic homes.  Copper roofing and custom ornamentals enhance your proper, whether it is new construction or a historic residence. 
Custom copper and tin ornamentals add style, value, and functionality to homes around the world.
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Copper Shop
Residential, commercial, historical 


Copper Ornamentals

Andy's custom copper designs can personalize your home or business with a touch of whimsy or artistry. 
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Preske's Copper Shop

Church architectural design
Copper adds old world charm to churches and historic buildings. Call the Copper Shop today
Copper hoods--functional and asthetically pleasing
Don't settle for the ordinary. Customize with copper range hoods, statuary covers, guttering
Form and functionality, all in one  piece of beautifully crafted copper


Copper gutter
Copper guttering enhances the appearance of historic and custom designed homes

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