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Family History

Family History

Many of us wonder what blood runs in our veins,

Where did we came from? Who were our relatives? Did they do great things? Were they famous? Were they ordinary men and women who did what we are trying to do: raise our families, work, and try to survive as best as we can?

Imagine, leaving everything you know behind. Your family, friends, land which your people had roamed for centuries. You leave these lands, take a rickety boat across a vast ocean. Here, there be monsters.

You have no idea where you are going. You may have some vague picture, but the world is wide and you have only seen a tiny part of it. You donít even know what you will find when you get there.

You are outcasts. You are wanderers. You come with only the clothes on your backs. More than a few of you are running from the law or fleeing persecution. Some king or mad chieftanís army dogs your tracks. You give up everything you own, willingly or not. You cast your lot with whatever gods you worship, and flee to the promise of The New World.

Over the centuries, your story lay forgotten, like old bones on a vacant prarie. You sleep the eternal sleep, in a lost grave, somewhere between two great oceans. Who were you?

Here are a few tools for budding geneaologists

black indians Melungeons Cindis List Lost history

The above links hold a whole world of information for those searching european, african american, native american or tri-racial ancestry. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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