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Report Date:      07/21/02                                     [Note:  E-Background Check Reports are
Subject:          William B. Roberts                           provided on secure, password-protected
Address:          8145 Apple Dr., Columbus OH 43210            web pages.  Delivery by regular postal
Client:           James Mullins                                mail is also available upon request.]
Criteria:         E-BackgroundCheck Plus

Identity Verification Summary:

Name:             Monica L. Davis
Address:          Verified
SSN:              223-334-5551
Telephone:        604-555-5555
Date of Birth     02/06/1956
Marital Status    Single

Address History:


1113 Bellemeade Ave. Evansville,IN 47714
614 E. Sycamore St. Evansville, IN 47714

County Summary:

Based on the address history, the subject has lived in the following counties.

Counties of Residence:

Vanderburgh, IN br> 

Criminal Records Search

Criminal records were searched in the following counties for the past seven years as
available by the court:

Counties Selected                Type                       Results

Vanderburgh, OH                     Felony/Misdemeanor         Clear Felony/Misdemeanor         Clear

Driving Violations

No records found in subject's state of residence for the previous three years.


No records found nationwide for the previous seven years.

Tax Liens/Judgments

No records found nationwide for the previous seven years.